Hocico: Artificial Extinction (Limited Deluxe Edition) (Colored Vinyl)

La catégorie: Vinyl

Steam from overloaded factory chimneys darkens the sky, the infernal heat of a blast furnace spreads, flashes from yawning machine mouths set the atmosphere on fire - "Artificial Extinction" is the acoustic memorial of a humanity that has executed itself in its delusion - and the best and most versatile album in the band's history

Since the debut "Odio Bajo El Alma" Hocico stands for destruction, darkness and pure aggression. Their kind of industrial was getting dirtier and more poisonous, without soot particle filters, music that only the Mexican devils can produce

"Artificial Extinction" is the climax of this development: The unique Hocico sound is developed to an even more brutal style between Dark'N'Bass and Aggrotech. Massive pounding beats and thundering descents show a band that has found a strength never seen before



  1. 1 Dark Sunday
  2. 2 El Ballet Mecanico
  3. 3 Artificial Extinction
  4. 4 Psychonaut
  5. 5 Blinded Race
  6. 6 Shut Me Down!

  1. 1 Damaged
  2. 2 Breathing Under Your Feet
  3. 3 Cross The Line
  4. 4 Palabras de Sangre
  5. 5 Quiet Zone

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